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How To Improve Your Music Streaming Presence and Revenue?

Updated: Jan 16, 2022

This #blog is to teach and learn from each other's insights on how media streaming operates. As we Know there are many streaming platforms to release music/media. Share your thoughts on Advantages and disadvantages of your experiences of streaming your music. Independent Artists now has now bome part of the main face of the music industry, with styles never heard before. Do you believe streaming your own music will make 0+!1an impact "good or bad" on the music industry? We also know there have been main music artists who has created their own steaming platform services (Jay Z owning "Tidal" but supposedly now sold it). When streaming your music, majority of us use "distribution services " to serve our music/media to majority of the streaming services. Do you believe that's more profitable than serving your music directly to the streaming services without using distribution platform? Share your thoughts and experiences.

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